Sis. Rosalyn Wilder

Reginald B. Dulin

"Spirit of Excellence" 


Homecoming 2018 Honoree

Each year, the Southside family recognizes and honors an individual for his or her awesome contribution to the Southside family, the Homecoming, and the churches of Christ abroad. This year we honor Sis. Rosalyn Wilder.  Sis. Roz holds a special place in the heart of the Southside family and many others, and has impacted and influenced many through out the years. 

The Reginal B. Dulin "Spirit of Excellence" Honoree

The Reginald B. Dulin "Spirit of Excellence" Award is given in honor of Bro. Reginal B. Dulin, who was a great friend, patron, and Homecoming fixture for over 30 years. This year's recipient, Sis. Rosalyn Wilder, is noted for her contribution & dedication Acappella Gospel music and to many that recorded and worked with her late husband Johnnie Wilder, Jr. The professional level of recordings that we enjoy today is a direct result of what this family poured into many.  Sis. Wilder fed us, counseled us, and was like a 2nd mother to us all. Their ministry is one that has blessed our brotherhood, the nation, and the world abroad.  For her dedicated service, we say thank you and we honor Sis. Rosalyn Wilder!


Homecoming Honoree

 Giving Honor To Whom Honor Is Due