Reginald B. Dulin

"Spirit of Excellence" 


Homecoming 2020 Honoree

Each year, the Southside family recognizes and honors an individual for his or her awesome contribution to the Southside family, the Homecoming, and the churches of Christ abroad. This year we honor UNITED. This talented group of young men holds a special place in the heart of the Southside family and many others, and has impacted and influenced many through out the years with their traditional stamp of gospel music ministry. 

The Reginal B. Dulin "Spirit of Excellence" Honoree

The Reginald B. Dulin "Spirit of Excellence" Award is given in honor of Bro. Reginal B. Dulin, who was a great friend, patron, and Homecoming fixture for over 30 years. This year's recipient, UNITED of Houston TX, is noted for their tremendous contribution & dedication Acappella Gospel music. For many years, they have inspired, encouraged and electrified our hearts with timeless renditions of soul stirring, acapella gospel singing. Their presentation of songs such as: If You Need It - God's Got It, Let's Have A Good Time, and everybody's favorite, Walk Around Heaven, has secured their place as one the most dynamic and inspiring groups in the brotherhood! We look forward, this year, with honoring them with such a well deserved and long overdue tribute!


Homecoming Honoree

 Giving Honor To Whom Honor Is Due