So, What is "The YVMC" All About?...

 Growing in Your Gift

 Fruits of Fellowship

 Maximizing Your Ministry


    Basketball camp, football camp, band camp, and even cheerleading camp; These are all places we send our children to sharpen their skills, maximize their potential, and to rub shoulders with other like minded kids with the same goals and interests.  With much prayer and planning, we are glad to invite you to the 6th annual National Youth Vocal Ministry Camp (NYVMC).  

    The NYVMC, organized by the Southside COC in Rogersville, AL, is a camp geared towards educating and empowering our youth in the arts, business, and ministry of "Vocal Music" (A cappella Music). 


    The Youth Vocal Ministry Camp had it's beginning in July of 2009 as a small camp of about 60 kids, representing 3 states (Alabama, Tennessee, & North Carolina). Who would have imagined that the camp would become a national event hosting 400+ kids, representing 20 states across the country?  From day one, the NYVMC was founded on three basic, yet important pillars: Maximizing Your Ministry, Growing in Your Gift, & The Fruits of Fellowship. 


    The NYVMC believes that "knowledge is power" and vocal music is a powerful tool to broaden the horizons of our youth today. Each year, prominent Christian facilitators conduct workshops to educate our youth in Vocal Music Ministry, Studio Recording, Video Production, Songwriting, Song Leading/ Singing the Solo, Performance & more. 


    The NYVMC culminates into a fantastic concert production by both the Junior Camp (ages 5-11), NYVMC Mass (Ages 12-25), & The NYVMC Adult Chorus (Ages 26+).  This production not only allows the youth to display what they have learned, but is also benevolent and giving in nature.  The 2012 NYVMC Concert served as a fundraiser for a 14 year-old cancer victim, and the 2013 Junior Camp produced a video for the Sandy Hook victims of Connecticut. 

    So, DON'T MISS the "Making the Group" competition, the famous "Water Balloon War", the  NYVMC Recording Session, and the Saturday Night Concert featuring the Jr. NYVMC Chorus & the CAMA AWARD WINNING "National YVMC Mass Choir" under the direction of John "Pooh" Malone and others. 

 NYVMC "Boot Camp" Rallies

    We are currently in the process of launching Youth Vocal Ministry Camp Rallies in various regions & states across the country. Emphasizing the fact that our youth is "the church of today", our objective is to rally the church's youth across the country to empower and encourage them to use their gifts and talents, making an impact for Christ in their local congregations and regional areas year round.    

    You don't want to miss these wonderful events. I truly believe that it will be a life changing event for our youth.

Southside Church of Christ