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Matt. 25:40- Verily I say unto you, insomuch as ye have done it to the least of these my brothers and sisters, ye did it unto me...

Homecoming Benefit For 

Robert McCarthur & Family:

"Love Known Is Love Shown"

Each year the Southside Homecoming takes the opportunity to show love and support for individuals or families that are in need.  This year we are asking that you join us in showing our love and support for Robert McCarthur and family. 

Bro.  McCarthur (a faithful gospel preacher) and his wife both have been stricken with debilitating health issues that has left them unable to work and with a great financial burden.  All of this happened while they were  in the process of caring for their daughter who is also very sick. 

​​​Please come prepared to give a heartfelt donation to our brother and sister in Christ!