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Southside's HOMECOMING 2022 CELEBRATION, April 8-10 !!!!

​Southside ​

 Church of Christ
Saving Souls and Changing Lives

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The National Youth Vocal Ministry Camp is an annual summer camp geared toward educating & empowering our youth in the arts, industry, and ministry of vocal music (a cappella music)...

Music Ministry

The Southside COC is known for its powerful music ministry.  Click here to purchase music and learn more about groups and artist such as The Southside Singers, Committed A cappella Chorus, C3 and others...

iWave Radio

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Sunday Morning:

Bible Class - 9am

Worship - 10:15am

Wednesday Night:

Bible Study - 6pm

"An Empowered People,

Impacting Our World, Through Christ"

Our Mission:

The Southside church of Christ has an awesome mission and God-given responsibility of saving souls and changing lives.  In a world where individuals are hurting and searching for true peace and joy, we exist to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to all who will listen.  We believe that this gospel not only has the power to saves souls, but also has the power to transform lives and empower them to impact the lives of others. 


 an empowered people, impacting our world, through christ...



Southside TV

Click here to watch videos consisting of sermons, live performances, skits, congregational singing, and other events. 


Over 2000 people, from over 25 states, make an annual pilgrimage to Huntville, AL,  for great preaching, singing, food, and fellowship...