A Little Homecoming History...

Over 2500 people, from over 25 states, making an annual pilgrimage to Huntsville, AL to attend an event hosted by a small church in Rogersville, AL... How did that happen??? Well, here goes...

 It all started over 30 years ago, when Freeman Malone, Jr, the minister of the Southside COC, had an idea to organize an event where members of the churches of Christ could come together once a year to celebrate Christ by enjoying the best in a cappella singing, reuniting with friends, giving to those in need, and hearing a word from God. 

The event eventually outgrew Rogersville and moved to a venue in Athens, AL with a seating capacity of about 1500, and is now being held in Huntsville, AL for the 3rd year at the VBC in Huntsville, AL, where over 2500 individuals meet annually to praise God!

Southside Homecoming 2014

 Von Braun Center  Huntsville, AL

April 25-27

A Grand Reunion

Concert In The Park


A cappella Music

2500+ People, Headed to Huntsville...

For What? 

Click Here to donate to the Southside Homecoming 2014 Fund.  Thanks for your contribution to this grand event!

"Somebody Ought 'a Lift Jesus"

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Homecoming Links